Xposed has been a great mod since early days. This is the most safest way to mod your android os. Chances of any crash or bootloop is minimal untli you try to activate a non compatible module.

Installing exposed was easy while on Jelly Bean. Just click would do the trick. With time now we are in Marshmallow, complications has rose exponentially. Now a days xposed requires a custom recovery to install its binary files and activation.

The flashable zips are available within xposed xda page. Please note that sdk version determines which zip will be compatible with lollipop, 5.1, marshmallow. The latest is sdk23 which works with marshmallow. Sdk22 will work with lollipop 5.1.

Flash with Custom Recovery

  1. Copy the sdk flashable zip to internal sd card.External sd will also work but if its formatted as internal in marshmallow custom recovery will not able to find it.
  2. Reboot to recovery mode.
  3. Select the zip file and flash it.
  4. Dalvik cache will be formatted automatically but its better to do it manually. If you are working in recoveries for the first time. Search xda how to navigate.

I would prefer TWRP to do the flashing job.
Installing Xposed with Stock recovery.

Follow the instructions here

The script works for other Oem devices as well. I tried it with Intext Aqua Trend 4G model with lollipop 5.1

All credits goes to midzan21 for his hard work.

Note: this script will work with other sdk versions as well. You just need to edit the script with the zip package name and replace the files with the one you want to flash.

List of some xposed modules which are must haves.

  1. Marshmallow SD Fix – save files in external sd card!  By balamu96m
  2. XInternalSD by pyler
  3. One Tap Video Download (Facebook, Youtube and many more) by mr.phantom
  4. WhatsAppX – More Features for WhatsApp by BreitbandModem
  5. Flat Style Bar Indicators by ibocharov

Try them and let me know in comments. If you face any problems, let me know.